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Cutting the candidates" mics at times during tonight"s debate is meant to minimize interruptions. There still may be a problem.
10/22/2020 2:45 PM
What to watch in tonight"s debate | How to watch the debate ...Read More
North Carolina could present the GOP with a world of problems
10/22/2020 2:47 PM
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Analysis: Trump needs a comeback tonight as attacks rain down
10/22/2020 12:05 AM
Trump and Biden"s road to 270 | Report voting issues ...Read More
Questions raised about how Trump campaign has spent funds
10/21/2020 11:24 PM
With less than two weeks until Election Day, questions are being raised about how the Trump campaign spent hundreds of millions of dollars in funds. CNN"s Ryan Nobles reports. ...Read More
More than 5.8 million votes have been cast in Texas
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
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Why a Democratic landslide could crush GOP for years to come
10/22/2020 3:39 PM
As November 3 draws closer, independent political handicappers are revising upwards the likelihood of Joe Biden winning the presidency and Democrats making gains in Congress. In other words, a Democratic landslide could be coming. CNN"s Chris Cillizza explains how this potential wave will crash hardest -- and with the most impact -- at the state le...Read More
CBS News calls out White House for posting Trump"s "60 Minutes" interview online
10/22/2020 2:01 PM
• Analysis: Why is Donald Trump so obsessed with this "60 Minutes" interview? ...Read More
The Road to 270: Biden has many options. Trump, not so much
10/22/2020 12:15 PM
• Opinion: "Unmute" Trump at the debate • Analysis: What GOP internal polling shows • Mapping out the road to 270 ...Read More
Analysis: The most important line in Barack Obama"s takedown of Trump
10/22/2020 10:23 AM
• Watch Barack Obama"s full speech • READ: Obama"s scathing campaign speech ...Read More
Why maskless voters will still be allowed to vote in person
10/22/2020 1:30 PM
Even as coronavirus cases are surging less than two weeks before Election Day, most states with mask mandates won"t force voters to cover their faces while they cast their ballots. ...Read More

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