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Trump postponed his Denmark visit after the Prime Minister called his interest in buying Greenland "absurd"
8/21/2019 3:43 AM
Less than two weeks before his scheduled trip to Denmark, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he has postponed his visit to Copenhagen after the Danish Prime Minister disputed his interest in buying Greenland as "absurd." ...Read More
Here"s what it could cost for America to buy Greenland
8/21/2019 4:08 AM
Greenland insists it"s not for sale, despite President Donald Trump musing about buying it. But just how much could the world"s largest island be worth to America? ...Read More
Opinion: Trump, the divider, unites Denmark
8/19/2019 2:38 PM
President Donald Trump has often been accused of conquering the American electorate by dividing it along racial and economic lines. Yet, when it was rumored that Trump was considering an American purchase of Greenland off Denmark, he somehow managed to create the exact opposite effect. Read More
Lemon and Cuomo break down Trump"s habit of picking fights
8/20/2019 10:35 PM
Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon discuss President Trump"s habit of picking fights instead of caring about the issues that matter. ...Read More
Opinion: Greenland has long been a bargaining chip between the US and Denmark
8/18/2019 12:29 AM
President Donald Trump made his name in real estate on the world"s glitziest island with the help of tax breaks and loopholes. As President, it seems Trump wants to take his real estate experience to a new level. ...Read More
At the bottom of a glacier in Greenland, climate scientists find troubling signs
8/20/2019 12:12 AM
On one of the hottest days this summer, locals in the tiny village of Kulusuk, Greenland, heard what sounded like an explosion. It turned out to be a soccer field"s worth of ice breaking off a glacier more than five miles away. ...Read More
Scientists find huge meteor crater under Greenland"s ice
8/15/2019 7:35 PM
The crater is about 300 meters deep and 31 kilometers wide, and is the first to be found under any of our planet"s ice sheets, according to NASA"s Goddard Space Flight Center. ...Read More
China says it has detained a UK consulate employee
8/21/2019 4:11 AM
An employee of the British consulate who has been missing for almost two weeks has been detained in mainland China, the country"s ministry of foreign affairs confirmed Wednesday. ...Read More
Opinion: Trump"s reelection nightmare
8/15/2019 3:34 PM
If the economy falls apart, it"s hard to see how President Trump wins reelection. ...Read More
Analysis: Economy scares and ISIS resurgence cloud Trump"s 2020 pitch
8/20/2019 11:24 PM
A sudden cascade of events is challenging President Donald Trump"s boasts of an unprecedented American winning streak that is a critical component of his reelection salesmanship. ...Read More

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