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The President"s annual Thanksgiving proclamation calls for Americans to "gather" even though public health officials have explicitly warned against it
11/25/2020 5:49 PM
• Physician fears "the darkest days in modern American medical history" are coming • Denver mayor is traveling for Thanksgiving, hours after asking residents to stay home • LIVE UPDATES: Wyoming governor tests positive for Covid-19 ...Read More
Denver mayor apologizes for Thanksgiving travel plan
11/25/2020 7:32 PM
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is asking for forgiveness after coming under fire for his upcoming holiday plans. ...Read More
Biden delivers compassionate message in somber holiday speech
11/25/2020 3:38 PM
President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday urged Americans to recommit to fighting the deadly coronavirus pandemic in a Thanksgiving address ahead of the holiday. ...Read More
See stark contrast between Trump and Biden"s words today
11/25/2020 7:39 PM
CNN"s John Avlon breaks down President Trump"s unwillingness to accept the results of the 2020 election. ...Read More
Opinion: At Thanksgiving, an America of obscene contrasts
11/25/2020 7:30 PM
At my family"s Thanksgiving table, we begin the meal by saying what we"re thankful for, and every year we list the same themes: We are grateful for our health. For the food on the table. We are grateful that we have one another. ...Read More
We ask travelers why they"re taking a risk. Hear their responses
11/25/2020 8:13 AM
CNN"s Pete Muntean talks to passengers about the risks they are willing to take to join their families for Thanksgiving. ...Read More
Physician fears "the darkest days in modern American medical history" are coming
11/25/2020 8:55 PM
Dr. Anthony Fauci"s final pre-Thanksgiving plea is to keep any indoor holiday gatherings as small as possible as the country endures record numbers of Covid-19 hospitalizations and daily cases, he told ABC"s "Good Morning America" on Wednesday. Read More
Trump announces pardon for Michael Flynn in tweet
11/25/2020 6:05 PM
• Analysis: How Michael Flynn perfectly explains Donald Trump"s presidency • Analysis: The pardons begin with Flynn ...Read More
Diego Maradona dies after suffering cardiac arrest
11/25/2020 8:54 PM
• Pele pays tribute to Maradona • In pictures: The life of Diego Maradona ...Read More
Fight emerges ahead of appointment to fill Kamala Harris" Senate seat
11/25/2020 4:49 PM
A cross-country lobbying campaign for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris" Senate seat has pitted factions divided by race, gender and geography against one another and heightened internal tensions within at least one influential caucus on Capitol Hill. Read More

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