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They shared what was happening at the start of the pandemic. A year on, many have paid a heavy price.
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
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FDA authorizes Johnson & Johnson vaccine
2/27/2021 5:38 PM
The US Food and Drug Administration authorized Johnson & Johnson"s Covid-19 vaccine Saturday. It is the first single dose Covid-19 vaccine available in the US, and is one that "checks nearly all the boxes." ...Read More
The US is about to get a third coronavirus vaccine. Here"s how it"s different from the others
2/27/2021 5:18 PM
The United States is poised to get a third coronavirus vaccine -- this one made by Johnson & Johnson. ...Read More
He"s had Covid-19 symptoms for a year. Hear his daily battle
2/27/2021 7:15 PM
CNN"s Pamela Brown talks with Ed Hornick, a Yahoo News editor who had coronavirus over a year ago, but still deals with symptoms daily. ...Read More
The new vaccine is a valuable weapon against Covid-19, and its rollout will be quick, officials say
2/27/2021 5:50 PM
A third vaccine is poised to join the fight against Covid-19, with 3.9 million doses expected to be available right away, a health official said Friday. ...Read More
Gupta examines "promising" drug that may help Covid effects
2/27/2021 10:06 AM
CNN"s Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks to a father participating in a trial examining how Fluvoxamine, an antidepressant, affects Covid-19 patients after being diagnosed with the virus. ...Read More
Opinion: I"m worried the Olympics can"t be safe from Covid
2/26/2021 1:41 PM
On February 3, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) released a playbook describing the measures to be taken to protect staff, athletes and communities from SARS-CoV-2 in the rescheduled 2021 Tokyo Summer Games, set to begin in late July. On February 25, guidelines for the Olympic Torch relay were announced. Read More
You asked, we"re answering: Your top vaccine questions
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
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2024 Republican prospects seek their own breakout moments at CPAC
2/27/2021 6:36 PM
• Weighing bid for California governor, Grenell to meet with Trump • Opinion: Trump has CPAC, but Biden has kryptonite • GOP governor insulted Dr. Fauci. See how CPAC crowd responded ...Read More
Where the stimulus bill stands, and what comes next
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
• Biden says "no time to waste" for Senate to pass his Covid relief package • "Biggest trial of my life": Landlord says eviction moratorium has drained her savings ...Read More

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