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The state"s new numbers top the previous high by nearly 4,000 as officials struggle to contain the spread
7/12/2020 11:05 AM
With coronavirus cases climbing across the US, local and state leaders have found themselves at odds over the types of restrictions that should be in place to move forward effectively. ...Read More
Some Miami-Dade County hospitals are near capacity
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
...Read More
Hospitals in Covid-19 hotspots are running out of remdesivir
7/12/2020 12:24 PM
Dr. Eliot Godofsky doesn"t have a single dose of remdesivir for his Covid-19 patients in South Florida. Hundreds of miles away in North Carolina, Dr. Cameron Wolfe has doses he does not need right now. ...Read More
DeVos won"t say if schools should follow CDC guidelines to reopen
7/12/2020 9:51 AM
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Sunday refused to say whether schools should follow guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on reopening, saying those guidelines are meant to be "flexible." ...Read More
DeVos asked if she has a plan to reopen schools safely. See her response
7/12/2020 9:09 AM
CNN"s Dana Bash speaks to Education Secretary Besty DeVos about whether or not she has a plan for schools to safely reopen for students as Covid-19 cases surge in the US. ...Read More
Superintendent"s message for DeVos: "You can"t put every kid back in a school"
7/12/2020 10:00 AM
The signage reminding students to stay 6 feet apart is already on the floors. The plexiglass is up in the front office. The desks are spaced in a socially-distanced way in the classrooms. ...Read More
Opinion: The truth Trump won"t see about reopening schools
7/12/2020 9:28 AM
"Come on, it"s not that hard." So said White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow to CNN"s Kaitlan Collins on Friday when asked about lost productivity, as parents care for children out of school during the pandemic. "Just go back to school, we can do that." Read More
Doctor reacts to Trump"s claim: It"s a preposterous thought
7/12/2020 8:55 AM
An emergency room physician from Arizona, which saw a recent spike in coronavirus cases, discusses a claim made by President Trump that a majority of coronavirus patients "automatically get better." ...Read More
Why Britons won"t wear masks
7/12/2020 9:56 AM
• Bollywood star, once dubbed "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World," tests positive for Covid-19 • Trump and Fauci not speaking as pandemic worsens ...Read More
Lindsey Graham says he will ask Mueller to testify before Senate panel
7/12/2020 12:13 PM
• Mueller breaks his silence on Roger Stone • Romney calls Trump"s act of clemency "unprecedented, historic corruption" • Analysis: Historians will likely rank Trump as one of the worst presidents ...Read More

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